The Foundation

“The Foundation” is one of the four modules that Traffic Ultimatum contains. Within this module, George talks about trend spotting, offer spying, keyword research, market analysis, and SEO essentials.

Trend Spotting is all about finding the right market to target. George gives a deep explanation of what trend spotting is, and many helpful websites that can do all the work for you. Trend spotting is at the very base of your success and it is very important to master this skill.

Offer Spying: This one is pretty straight forward and simple. Offer Spying is about looking through the different marketplaces to find offers and brainstorm niches and markets based on who the offer targets.

Keyword Research: Title says it all. In order for you to build a successful website and obtain a huge amount of web traffic, you need to target certain keywords. It is your job to then, put those keywords to good use around your site. Pretty simple, but a keyword optimized site and a non-keyword optimized site can mean the difference between 1,000 and 10,000 site visits a month.

Keyword research can be broken down into 4  simple steps, as shown in Traffic Ultimatum.

  1. Enter your targeted keywords into Google Keyword Tool.
  2. Sort by “Global Monthly Searches” and click add all keywords.
  3. Click “get more related keywords to obtain more ideas.
  4. Browse through and choose all the keywords that have over 3,000 monthly searches.

Of course, Traffic Ultimatum goes in-depth and really talks about much more. It’s even newbie friendly, and easily understandable once you go ahead and try Traffic Ultimatum out for yourself.

Market Analysis is also a very important topic thought in this module. It’s basically the backbone to how much money you are going to make and “if” you are going to make any money at all. In “The Foundation” of Traffic Ultimatum, you learn a basic checklist to go through before you start any campaign, if you successfully complete this checklist, you are almost guaranteed success. Some of the things the checklist contain include, market demand, commercial viability, competition, and competition strength.

SEO Essentials: In chapter four of “The Foundation” in Traffic Ultimatum, you learn about the basics of SEO. You also get introduced to “On Site SEO” and “Off Site SEO”. These two things might sound similar but are completely different. SEO or Search engine optimization is a very complex and I was surprised at the ease in which George thought SEO. As most of us know, SEO is one of the most important factors when it comes to driving  traffic, and Traffic Ultimatum did an excellent job at teaching this.


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