Paid Traffic

“Paid Traffic” is the second module you will encounter in Traffic Ultimatum. Within this module, George talks about PPC Advertising, Facebook Social Ads, Google Content Network, and finally Google Adwords. As usual, this module contains in-depth teachings of these topics with a manual and an actual video explaining everything.

PPC Advertising: Known as pay per click advertising. This form of advertising is easily the most popular today. Although it’s relatively easy to start a PPC campaign, it can be extremely difficult to fully master it. If used correctly can drive massive targeted traffic. Pay Per Click Advertising is no joke!

Google Adwords: Have you ever searched something on Google? Then I presume you’ve seen the yellow ads in the top and right of the page. These ads is what Google Adwords is all about. In Traffic Ultimatum George talks about everything you need and don’t need in order to master Google Adwords. From the right keywords to use, to how to minimize the amount of money spent on each campaign to make a but load of targeted traffic without spending a fortune.

Facebook Advertising: The Facebook Advertising section covers just about everything needed to generate an incredible amount of targeted traffic. Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the internet and it contains lots of opportunities to generate traffic. In Traffic Ultimatum George goes over everything that you need, that will drown you in traffic.


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